The services we offer

Website construction, Construction of various systems that you access in each device, Maintenance of websites & systems, Website E-Commerce etc…

Static Websites

We create websites for the company, store, personal or blog. Just show us the idea you have, and we will try to make it a reality.


Want to sell your products or services online? With e-commerce websites, this is possible.


If you need a program to manage inventory, jobs, employees, and various businesses like restaurant bars, fitness, schools, etc., we have them for you.


Ad-Words and other advertisements for the website, facebook, instagram, etc. We enable Logo, Business Card, Leaflet, Printing of all kinds.

Also, in more detail…

Your business is much more successful if we take it upon ourselves.

If you are not satisfied we will take over the refund.

Website Construction
We take over the construction from the beginning to the end of the project that you have planned.
Unique design
The design we will try to always create depending on what you want, is unique and modern.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing your site for search engines is very important for you to have more and more organic visitors.
Website Maintenance
We offer training for you who want to update your web every day, although we can also do it for certain periods.
Marketing dhe rrjete Sociale
Creating and managing social media sites serves you more and more to be the first to be listed and clients to receive direct notifications.
Listing on MAPS and verification
Listing your business on Google Map helps customers who want to find you directly from their localization. And verification strengthens Google’s trust.
Professional photography
Professional photos always attract attention so we have in our team experienced photographers & professional cameras.
Security for any work
Security is very important in Website and WebApplication, so we pay special attention to its implementation.
Website E-Commerce
Create your online store, display products and get orders online and everything is thought out in detail and with maximum security.
Domaine .AL, .COM, .COM.AL, etj
Your web name helps to indicate the location or category to which it belongs. We enable it with all available suffixes.
Business Consulting
Feel free to consult with us to build the website in the most appropriate way for your business.
Management Systems
Search Online Management Systems for inventory or dynamic management of the different types of work you perform.
Maintenance of web sites that are not built on us.
We enable you to update and manage the pages you have in your agency or other studio.
Powerful Hosting (SSD + HDD)
The servers that we have entrusted to our works are located in the USA, UK, Germany and are among the most sophisticated that can exist today.
Unlimited hosting
Always depending on what you are looking for we choose the servers that suit you, up to space or traffic without a certain limit.
SSL Security Certificate
Security certificates are very important for websites that have sensitive input data and that require high security.

Work with a talented team in design and development.

Internet security, modern designs that resist time, online shopping and flexibility in management are the main features of the websites we build. We strive to give value to your online image by meeting the highest standards of site construction. The sites we offer are built in such a way that in the future for any changes, additions or improvements you want to add, the current site will not be damaged.

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Some of our clients have wanted to share their experience while working with us on an ongoing basis.

We finally found the agency we were looking for to showcase the products we have available, offering and selling products online.
Medaur Studio

Books & Printing, Durrës.

The highest advertisement we have ever had was thanks to the transfer we made to the TechAlbania agency. Customers find us without any problems.

Polystyrene Factory, Tiranë

Storing data every month on paper was very stressful. The system we have thanks to TechAlb organized us and the information is stored in detail.
Anytime Fitness

Fitness & Aerobics, Durrës

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What Makes Us Different?

We provide not only SEO and Website marketing services, but we also offer a wide range of related services such as: design, SEO, website, hosting service,, online audits, social media optimization, branding and more others.

Publishing house
Various publications, layouts, printing.
Web page
Website from the most diverse.
Graphic Studio
We offer professional and quality work.
Domain & Host
Domain Registration & Web Hosting.
Search engine optimization for your site.
Printing and printing various writings.
Social Media
Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic on the website.
Various clips, TV commercials, professional photos.